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Business owners today need more than just a bookkeeper. It is great to know your numbers, but what do those numbers mean for your business? What areas of the business are making you the most money? What areas are bringing in less or actually costing you money? Are you in the position to hire new employees or open a new location? Is this the right time for expansion — or not? Are your numbers in a format that lenders could use to evaluate a loan application?

These are critical questions that every business owner should know the answer to. And this is where we come in. At SmithBooks Accounting, our mission is to bring clarity to your financial reporting.


Our approach is unique yet simple. We fully leverage cloud-based accounting technology (through the Intuit ecosystem, the industry standard for online accounting) to automate the most mundane bookkeeping and accounting tasks, which frees us up to spend more time with our clients, provide highly personalized service, and help them thoroughly understand what their financial numbers are telling them about their business.

Dionne Smith and Cyindie Flores

Far Beyond Bookkeeping.

We go far beyond old-school bookkeeping services. Our cloud-based platform fully integrates with our clients’ banking and other financial information, allowing them to access their numbers in real time, rather than waiting until 30 or 45 days later when the information is no longer relevant. In addition, the use of cloud-based technology allows our clients to access their information any time day or night from any device.

We love technology, and we stay on top of all the latest apps and technological breakthroughs in the accounting world. We are Intuit Advanced ProAdvisors, and we know the Intuit platform through and through. This gives us the ability to customize your data and present your numbers in a format that is most relevant to your business.

We also provide unparalleled training and support either face-to-face, by phone, email, online, or in whatever format works best for you. And we are always available whenever you need to reach out to us with questions or concerns.

Part of your Team.

As a Trusted Advisor focused on your success, we do more than simply provide you with customized financial data and help you understand your numbers, we want to be the one you call when you need to develop your business strategy, or you need to make an important business decision that impacts the health and longetivity of your business.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you become more successful.